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Gland packing seal

Gland packing seal

1200.00 - 10000.00 आईएनआर/Kilograms

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ग्लैंड पैकिंग सील मूल्य और मात्रा

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Gland packing seals are traditional sealing mechanisms utilized for preventing leakage along rotating or reciprocating shafts in machinery. Typically crafted from materials like PTFE, graphite, or aramid fibers, they consist of braided or twisted strands packed into the space (gland) between a shaft and its housing. This design allows for controlled leakage for lubrication while preventing excessive fluid loss. Gland packing seals have widespread usage in valves, pumps, and other mechanical equipment across industries. With options for varied finishes like lubricated or graphite-coated, they provide reliable sealing under high temperatures, pressures, and shaft speeds, offering cost-effective and efficient leakage control.
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