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Industrial Gasket

Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of best-in-class Industrial Gasket that are commonly used in various high pressure and temperature systems to make a reliable seal for the prevention of leaks.Industrial gaskets, including flange gaskets and rubber seals, are essential sealing components. Crafted from materials like rubber or metal, they ensure tight seals in piping systems and machinery. Designed for specific applications, industrial gaskets offer resilience, durability, and resistance to chemicals and high temperatures, ensuring reliable performance and safety.


O Ring
O Ring are the lightweight seals that act as a barrier for the prevention of air, oil, and liquid passing in or out of the hydraulic as well as pneumatiO-rings, including PTFE encapsulated, Viton rubber, and FEP variants, are circular seals crafted from materials like rubber or PTFE. Designed to fit grooves or recesses, they prevent fluid or gas leakage in machinery. With options for various materials and finishes, O-rings offer resilience, durability, and versatility in sealing applications.c systems. Buyers can get these ring-type seals in large quantities at a reasonable price range.
PTFE Envelope
PTFE Envelope are thermoplastic industrial seals that are available in various shapes and sizes as per customer requirements. Buy from us these products in bulk at a reasonable and low price range within sealed packages.
Rubber Profile
Technoseal Engineering is a big name that deals in the manufacturing of top-grade Rubber Profile that are used as shock absorbing supports to provide high protection to fragile components. These synthetic products are available in various diameters in between 0.5 to 26 inches.
Non Asbestos Gasket
Non-asbestos gaskets, available in sizes 1/2 to 36 inches and thicknesses 10-45 mm, are essential industrial sealing components by Technoseal Engineering. Crafted from non-asbestos materials like stainless steel, copper, and rubber, they ensure reliable sealing in pipelines, valves, and flanges, offering versatility and safety without hazardous asbestos fibers.
Ring Joint Gasket
Ring joint gaskets, such as ring joint copper gaskets and mild steel ring gaskets, along with rubber bellows, are high-pressure sealing devices. Crafted from various materials, they feature a precise design to fit flanges tightly, providing reliable sealing against extreme pressures and temperatures in industrial applications, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Rubber Gasket
Rubber gaskets, including black rubber ring gaskets and silicone ring gaskets, are sealing components crafted from resilient materials. Their design typically involves a circular shape for a secure fit, providing effective sealing against fluids and gases in various applications. With options for different finishes, they offer flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

PTFE Gaskets
PTFE gaskets, including PTFE clamp ring gaskets and envelope ring gaskets, are made from polytetrafluoroethylene. Their design involves precise molding or machining for custom fitment. Widely used for their chemical resistance and temperature tolerance, PTFE gaskets offer reliable sealing in industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and food production.

Rubber Sheet
Rubber sheets, like asbestos joint sheets and silicone gaskets, are versatile sealing materials. Crafted for high resistance levels with nil ash content, they come in various colors. Featuring natural rubber, they offer rigid hardness, ensuring high-quality performance. These sheets are used across industries for their durability, flexibility, and superior sealing properties.
Stainless Steel Washer
Stainless steel washers feature a flat, circular design with a central hole, crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Widely used in construction, automotive, and marine industries, they provide reinforcement and load distribution for bolts and nuts. With a smooth finish, they offer durability and reliability in various applications.
PVC Gasket
PVC gaskets, such as valve gaskets and PVC ring gaskets, are crafted from polyvinyl chloride. Their design involves precise molding or extrusion to ensure a tight seal. Widely used in plumbing and irrigation systems, PVC gaskets offer resistance to corrosion and chemicals, providing reliable sealing in various applications.
Asbestos Ropes
Asbestos ropes, along with PTFE ropes and packings, are sealing materials used in high-temperature applications. Crafted from asbestos or PTFE fibers, they exhibit thermal resistance and chemical inertness. Designed as braided or twisted ropes, they provide effective sealing in valves, pumps, and other equipment, offering durability and reliability.